dick Cheney vs. The Sopranos
By: Mark W Adams

The following is reprinted without permission, but with a LINK to the original, and a nudge to check out more of McSweeney's Internet Tendency where you can find more silly lists.

Who Said It:
Vice President
Dick Cheney or
Phil Leotardo From
The Sopranos?


- - - -

1. "Except for the occasional heart attack, I never felt better."

2. "You sound like a damn politician with all these excuses."

3. "What can you do—throw money at the problem?"

4. "He's never won anything, as best I can tell."

5. "Next time, there won't be a next time."

6. "You couldn't fuckin' retire?"

7. "Principle is OK up to a certain point, but principle doesn't do any good if you lose."

8. "First off, it wasn't an offer. It's my position."

9. "Everyone knows that you're not really a man unless you own a gun."

10. "I'll take that Discman and I'll ram it up your box."

11. "You want compromise?"

12. "Go fuck yourself."

Answers under the fold:

Dick Cheney: 1, 2, 4, 7, 9, 12

Phil Leotardo: 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11


Mark W Adams said...

From the same list of lists...

An Oversimplified List
of Options in Iraq.

- - - -

Cut and run.

Run, without cutting first.

Cut. Just cut. No running.

Stand very still, then run suddenly—without cutting.

Stay the course.

Alter the course—but only slightly. Without cutting and running.

Stay the course—for a while. Then cut and run.

G. A. Roach said...

Damn, this is refreshing after the "Murdoch Cram-fest" last night! I only missed one, so I guess I still know WTF is going on. Kinda. ::sigh::

Ara said...

Can you PLEASE cross post this at EPU? I'm a huge Sopranos fan (as is Miss Julie).

P.S. And I OWN the lower casing of Cheney's first name!!

Ara said...

Also: who can forget Uncle Junior's letter to the Vice-President wherein he refers to him as "a powerful man all too familiar with accidental gun play."