Craig's Lust: Conservatives Tear Their Hair Out
By: Mark W Adams

Stealing elections and shredding the Constitution didn't do it. Torture, domestic spying, ballooning budgets, illegal wars without end didn't do it.

An embarrassing buffoon who's pissed off the world didn't do it.

But (via Taylor Marsh) the folks at Hugh Hewitt's Town Hall have reached their ...

Tipping Point

If this isn't it, we're damn close to it. I consider myself a sensible guy, a conservative who prefers to weigh matters rather than cite slogans. I read this and I thought to myself, 'The accumulated weight of the rot that infests the core of the GOP has become almost too much to bear.' Here's the difference -- I'm damn near too weary to even offer a DEFENSE of the GOP any more.

I suspect I am not alone. The Republican's position of power from 1994 on created a cancer that went to the bone. I'm fully aware of the danger of allowing the Democrat majority to expand, and the danger of having a D president with a D Senate and House. But at what point in time do the party faithful just close their eyes, weep, and walk away? I contend the time is damn well nigh.

Senator Craig Should Resign

Bonus spin from RadioLand today. Limbaugh said we should ignore the Craig story, cuz it's no big deal. Glenn Beck said the same thing about Gonzales.

Good times...