Not Bad At All
By: Mark W Adams

The Capetbagger Reports on Do-Something Congress from the Democratic Caucus

  • Democrats Passed First Minimum Wage Increase in a Decade.
  • Democrats Passed War Spending Bill that Included $6 Billion for Hurricane Relief.

  • Democrats Passed Legislation Out of Committee Providing the Largest Increase for Veterans Affairs Funding in History.

  • Iraq Supplemental Appropriations Bill Included Additional $1.8 Billion for Veterans' Health Care.

  • Democrats Passed Ethics and Lobbying Reform Bill.

  • Democrats Passed Bill to Cut Subsidies to Student Lenders and Provide $17 Billion in Grants and Other Student Aid.

  • Democrats Passed a Fiscally Responsible Budget.

  • Democrats Passed Energy Bill That Increased Fuel-Efficiency Standards for First Time Since 1975.

It could be better, much, much better as anyone who's read my bitching lately can attest. But it's hard to argue with this sentiment -- and a good idea to push this meme:
After six months, with a hostile White House and an obstructionist GOP, that ain't bad.