Klein’s Coup
By: shep

by shep

Watching Joe Klein’s reluctantly awakening political consciousness is like watching a scene from Jackass in slow motion; you know from the outset that it will be stupid, it takes far too long to get to the chase (yet you can’t look away) and, in the end, you just wind up thinking, “what a…,” well, you get the idea.

Kleine has finally caught up with the majority of Americans who have long known that they were suckered into the worst foreign policy debacle in American history but Klein still thinks that Congressional Democrats are all wrong to be holding votes on war funding, including trying to specify when we should start bringing our troops home:

“1. The chances of changing Bush's Iraq policy are minimal, to nonexistant, under any circumstances.

2. The Congressional Democratic strategy only makes Bush more stubborn.

3. If there is any chance for a change in policy, it resides with the uniformed military in the Pentagon--who want to save their all-volunteer Army--plus the voices of realpolitik in the Administration, possibly Secs. Gates and Rice...Plus Petraeus who has become Bush's Voodoo Icon and has a big, big choice to make about his own legacy.”

So, to recap, Klein thinks that George Bush will use the US military as he (and Deadeye Dick) damned-well please regardless of public opinion or the law and he likes the idea of a military revolt against the Commander-in-Chief to end the current Iraq policy, rather than Congress performing its constitutionally assigned duty to make war policy. You see, that just pisses off the boy king and makes him hold his breath until Iraq turns red(der).

You really have to wonder why these people have jobs telling the public what’s what when they seem to have not the slightest understanding or concern with how the American political system is supposed to work. One can only assume that in Kleine’s shrunken worldview, the mommy Democrats are always ineffectual against the mighty authority of daddy Republicans so they shouldn’t even try. It’s just humiliating. I suppose that if Democrats were to succeed and actually, you know, make policy, it would shake Joe’s Republican-centric world to its knobby white legs.

And, as usual, he completely fails to grasp his own ongoing complicity in preventing Democrats from doing what the public demands. What a jackass.

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