It Was Time To Write A New Post
By: Mark W Adams

So I did.


G. A. Roach said...

Sometimes...less is more. I'm particularly focused on this post, today. ;)

Ara said...

Let me guess -- you've been reading Harry Potter?

Mark W Adams said...


Actually no, but my daughter is, I've been reading the latest in the Ginormously long Dune Saga. Frank Herbert's son, Brian (who already has written six prequels) found notes and an outline of his father's vision of where the series was going to go in two locked safety deposit boxes -- and just started a new trilogy where Frank's "Chapterhouse Dune" left off.

So of course, I had to re-read "Chapterhouse" -- and I forgot some of the stuff leading up to that so I skimmed the 1st book, started to skim "Messiah" and got hooked again. Finished that last night and started "Children" -- again. By the time I'm ready to read the one I just bought the next one probably will be out.

Hell of a way to muck up a summer.