Just A Huge News Day
By: Mark W Adams

RIP: Ingmar Bergman, Tom Snyder, Bill Walsh.

Giants all. (Okay, Walsh was a 49r, but the Giants play in the same city.) I learned about Bergman's genius through the warped eye of Woody Allen's Death Knocks. Tom was my companion through so many all-nighters I've lost count.

Ted Stevens' home raided by FBI and IRS. Scandal Central explains why.

Chief Justice Roberts has a "benign" seizure, whatever that is, and collapses. The docs said it was idiopathic, which is Latin for, "We have no f---ing clue what's wrong with him."

This of course is where you look for the crass partisan joke at the expense of the Chief Justice, like this one, or better yet, here. Outrage at said laughing matter can be found here, tears here. Personally, I think the joke is on the Democrats. After Senator Schumer said no more Bush SCOTUS appointees will get through the Senate, the Chief decided to make Chuck wet his pants. (That, or when he heard about Gonzales' latest application of Constitutional Ju Jitzu, his head started spinning and he got dizzy.)

Speaking of Gonzo, the Talking Anus, John Edwards' idea to send the Attorney General his own giant copy of the Constitution, along with an additional copy for every one who agrees to sign the petition, reminds me of a story.

I was fresh out of law school and saw one of the older attorneys standing at the copy machine, snickering. He pulled a sheet of paper which contained a blown up paragraph from the Ohio Revised Code, six or seven lines enlarged to fit on one sheet. He winked, nodded for me to follow him to his office where he got out a yellow marker and highlighted a key phrase. As he put it in an envelope with our office logo and addressed it to another lawyer, he said, "Sometimes you just have to force people to actually read what the law says." No note, no cover letter. Less can be more!

And no roundup of the day would be complete without news of the future, which could spell doom for Junket John Boehner if it is indeed him in the D.C. Madame's little black book.

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Ara said...

Michelangelo Antonioni died yesterday. Sad week for foreign film fans.

As for Roberts' seizure and subsequent examination, it reminds me of Yogi Berra telling the assembled New York media about going to the hospital after being beaned by a pitch. "I'm OK. They took an X-ray of my head and didn't find nothin."