By: Mark W Adams

Just some random stuff that struck my fancy today.

Dave Johnson quotes James Boyce on why we need Al Gore in the race.

Al Gore thinks he is a lousy politician, he's right.
That alone, failure to be a good little mannequin, goose-stepping to the corporate media's version of a fit commander in chief, is a ringing endorsement.

Speaking of good little Nazi's, did you know you're probably one? If you're a right winger, fascism is your credo by definition. (I know, I know. Just deal with it. Admitting you're a tool of the corporate imperialists is the first step towards recovery.) However, in a continuing attempt to transform the English language Bill O'Reilly thinks Daily KOS is a Hate Site on a par with Joseph Goebbels' propaganda machine.
"It's like the Ku Klux Klan. It's like the Nazi party. There's no difference."
I for one am glad that's cleared up. Watercarriers for the police-state that eliminated habeas corpus, illegally spied on it's own citizens, set up secret prison camps, tortures prisoners and ignores the Geneva Convention and who are committed to the defense and advancement of a regime that values profit at the expense of the environment and rights of ordinary citizens cannot be Nazis because -- the underwear-clad typist at the Big Orange Blog committed to racial equality and economic fairness are no better than a lynch-mob herding their enemies into the gas chambers. Those opinionated bloggers, damn them! They are the true heirs of Eichmann.

I wonder how I'll look in an orange hood -- probably "fabulous"

Over at Shakes Place, Mustang Bobby (Really Bob, that's how you want the world to know you? Whatever.) pits David Brooks against Bill Kristol, William F Buckley, George F. Will and (get this) Leo Tolstoy. (Okay, Brooks was asking for it with his own Tolstoy reference.) I'll let you guess who came out as the better pundit in this little contest.

Not funny enough? How about one of our favorite self-impressed bloggers, Andrew Sullivan taking the comparisons to an even more bizzaro extreme.
Amazingly, David appears to be taken in by this lunacy. He says that "only the whispering voice of Leo Tolstoy holds one back." Er: how about Burke? Or Aron? Or Tocqueville? Or Constant? Or Gibbon? Or any serious thinker about politics and history not infatuated with some ideology or eschatology? How about every conservative thinker who ever wrote a sentence? Tolstoy?
Come on Andy, be fair. Brooks only used Tolstoy because War And Peace is the thickest book in his grandma's attic. He's never actually, you know ... read any of the great works on the philosophy of conservatism. He just thought it would be a cool thing to be one since the kids at his grade school would kick him and make fun of his Nixon-like hair cut. (Nothing says revenge like success, eh David?)

Still not funny enough? (Rough crowd.)

Okay, this one is guaranteed to delight.
"None of the Above" has surged into the lead in the new GOP primary poll.
That's how I always vote when it comes to Republicans.