Hoping for Change is Hard
By: Mark W Adams

I don't want to tell the Firebaggers what to think, the liberals who find themselves at odds with President Obama, let alone that I should tell them what to write. They know well enough the consequences of their rhetoric. At least they think they do, and certainly have tried to justify not clapping loud enough to themselves and their fans that they don't think constant repetition has led to any sort of self delusion.  At least that's the propaganda they've been feeding themselves.

And it's hard.  It's hard when faced with constant frustration to turn your back on the only thing remotely capable of fighting the real enemies of the progressives.

It's hard when those true enemies to progress and prosperity, those that have morphed the very idea of social justice into a dirty word get all the attention, when they dominate the media and frame every debate in a rigged game.  It's hard.

It's hard to be the responsible ones, it's hard to be the grow-up in the room. It's hard to govern.  Much easier to criticize, to express the exasperation and disgust about negotiating styles, the lack of purity and dedication to the cause.  Far easier to turn your back and wash your hands of the entire enterprise.

Too bad the President doesn't have enough good sense to turn his back on us in frustration.  No wonder we don't understand him.  I don't know how he puts up with us either.