Bend over so they can screw it in tighter
By: Mark W Adams

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Thoreau notes that some of our most pessimistic and gloomy bloggers have come back to sit under the awning and complain about the rain.

I guess that means I'll be in fine company as I fire up the scripts and widgets to get this old jalopy of a blog back in working order.  I probably need to do more than look under the hood, and may take it into the garage for a full tune up, but I think it's still street legal.

I mean, it's not like anything's changed in the year or so I took off from serious blogging.

We're still screwed.  Just as screwed as we were when PrezO harshed our buzz the night he was elected, saying such nonsense that he was elected to be President of ALL of us.  How's that working out? 

“Obama’s support among Americans who identify themselves as both liberal and Democratic was 83 percent last week, little changed from previous weeks and slightly higher relative to Obama’s overall approval rating than it has been historically,” Gallup said.

“Although President Obama’s job approval rating hit the low point of his administration during the past week and is down among most subgroups, there are no signs yet that he has taken a disproportionate hit among his traditional base of liberals and Democrats. On a relative basis, both of these groups remain as loyal to Obama compared with Americans overall as they have been on average since he took office in January 2009,” Gallup added.

The president’s overall approval rating is at 42 percent, down from 50 percent at the beginning of June.

The left still likes him ("love" is too strong a word at this point), but are freaked that not supporting him could lead to President Bachmann. The right can't fucking stand him. ("Hate" is a mild descriptor, as in "I hate spinach." They're way beyond hate and always have been.)

For those who insist that either his policies, his style, or his negotiating (for lack of a better word) "strategy" are all politically motivated, are designed in some nefarious way to increase his chances for reelection are deluded and stupidly buy the spin from his spokestools. The frightening thing is the realization that Barack Obama thinks he's doing the right thing.

FAIL: REPORT: Debt Ceiling Deal Will Cost 1.8 Million Jobs In 2012

As with most centrists/moderates/sheep he lacks an underlying ideology that can guide him when you can't see the shit right in front of your eyes because the shit-storm raging all around you has reduced visibility to zero.  It's not a backbone he lacks, but much like Poppy Bush the Elder, he doesn't have that "vision thing." Bureaucratic plutocrats like that are more than satisfied with getting something done instead of getting something they want.

When historic, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities have presented themselves, like single-payor, a Stimzilla that REALLY invested in our future, or killing the Bush (II) tax cuts, we we told that the half-a-loaf was delicious.  Sorry, but it left a sour taste after seeing how much a minority faction of loons can get out of our system if you DON"T play by the rules and act like a grown up.

Whatever you want to call it, it ain't democracy.  Not when less than 10% of the country gets 98% of what they want.

So I'm back. Back because I'm angry again. Angry like I was when we went to war over a pack of lies and I started this blogging adventure.  Back because it's time. Back because the reason I stopped -- that I didn't want to bash the President but could no longer act the cheerleader when he extended the disastrous Bush tax cuts -- has come back to bite us all in the ass, because it revealed Barack Obama's fundamental weakness in negotiating with the GOP instead of breaking their back when they were down.

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Welcome Back. It is good to see you writing again.

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