Ahh August
By: Mark W Adams

Welcome boys and girls to that annual rite of sweltering nonsense where the shouting reveals that our tempers can rise as high as the temperature: The Summer Recess.

August is the only month without an official holiday, the only month when the Post office and Banks don't take a day off.  It is officially Back to School month, and (perhaps more fittingly) National Goat Cheese Month.

It was August when Dear Leader told a CIA briefer," Alright, you covered your ass" when told that Bin Laden determine to attack America.

It was August when the corporate antagonist organized the useful idiots calling themselves Tea Partiers to disrupt every Congressional Town Hall meeting in the country shouting "Keep Gob'mint's hands off Mah Medicare."

And now, it's August when Standard & Poors decided to downgrade the creditworthiness of the U.S. of A to that of a Tin-pot Banana Republic because the GOP still worships at the alter of Grover Norquist's sphincter and won't raise taxes - or even close loopholes to grab some much needed revenue to run things.

It'll start with sit-ins and shouting.  The end will be much uglier.  But this crap will end.  If the geniuses in charge of everything, those Masters of the Universe, if they don't get their collective heads out of their asses and do those very obvious things the country demands, requires, needs, the end will be very ugly indeed.