Score: POTUS 0. GOP minus 5, Pro-Left: Disqualified
By: Mark W Adams

The Republicans are in complete disarray, have been since George W. Bush let an American city drown, yet neither the media nor the "professional left" smell the blood in the water as they continue to scratch at Obama, hoping he will topple over from the paper cuts.

Just this week, the last week in the notoriously slow news month of August...
  1. GOP House leader Cantor insists that hurricane relief only flows if there are cuts, something even the Jersey Bully rejects
  2. Wassilla Quitta's non-campaign gets into a snit fit when NotAWitch gets invite/disinvite/reinvite/non-invite to Sarah's non-announcements that she's almost/sorta/kinda wantin' ta run for the nomination ... also too.
  3. GOP front-runner (sorta), Governor Goodhair, is being outed as a class one crook with a scheme that makes WhiteWater look like a game of Tiddly-Winks. But even blind squirrels can find good ideas among the nuts.
  4. Dick F@#$ing Cheney squirmed out of his cave and is all over the airwaves again. That's gotta reinvigorate everyone's sense of nostalgia, like the good old days when we prosecuted criminals.
  5. GOP Speaker Boehner publicly reneges on agreement for the President to address Congress when he finds out the agreed date conflicts with the clown car freak show where Michelle and the Seven Dorks will debate over Saint Reagan's tomb.
... and it's POTUS that looks bad for being snubbed, disrespected as no President has in living memory, accepting the new date to talk about jobs like a fucking grown-up as the public has demanded.  WTF People?

Mitch McConnell's got an approval rating of 16% while POTUS has 42% approving of him.  A sinking ship drowns all hands. We're looking at 9% unemployment during an election year.  The question isn't who will win, but why would anyone want to.

Got it. Another piece of WINNING for John McCain. (Seriously people, get help.)

No, seriously, would you rather we had an executive saddled with a deadlocked Congress who didn't fight back the anti-abortion fanatics or enforce the anti-trust laws?