You Asked For My Debate Take
By: Mark W Adams

Well, maybe not "you" specifically, but I was indeed asked for my opinion.  Well, I was asked if there was any more comedy gold that could be gleaned from Bachmann's performance, but close enough.

Actually, Bachmann did very well on the attack vs. Perry last night. Made him look like a crooked chump.  It's a bit complicated and I can get into the details if you want, but basically Perry required schoolgirls get an anti-cervical cancer vaccine via executive order. The drug was provided by Merk, a campaign contributor his Chief of Staff used to run. Perry acted offended that he could be bought for a five grand contribution when he raises 30 million. (No mention if he really was a whore and was only dickering over price.) Rick Santorum - in his best debate performance to date - pointed out that you vaccinate kids so other kids don't catch what you got and start an epidemic ... and cancer ain't contagious.  (Okay, those were the details.)

Libertarian tea baggers ended up booing Perry ... and also booed their godfather, Ron Paul, for stating the obvious vis-a-vis 9/11 terrorists motives. They liked his stance that "Freedom" means you take your chances, and those have consequences, so if you ain't insured and get sick ... too bad weakest link, you die. Actually got cheered for that one. I weep for our nation.

Huntsman was there, tried to do stand up and failed. Godfather Pizza guy Cain, tried to be serious and looked like a poor man's Bill Cosby.

Later, Patti Davis, Reagan's daughter, was on MSNBC and said that none of these clowns were fit to stand underneath her dad's shadow.

Meanwhile, half-term Governor Mousellini agreed with Bachmann and piled on Perry, who she'd endorsed for Governor in 2010 and for whom shehad nice things to say about, just short of endorsing, last week.  Onlyknock on Bachmann I saw last night on twitter was that her hair didn't look as good as Perry's or Romney.

Winner, Mittens! Stayed above the fray, got some shots in on Perry too, and didn't get picked on.

AND... ppp polls Obama up 49-45 on Romney, 52-41 on Perry, 53-41 on Gingrich, 53-39 on Bachmann

Forgot about Gingrich. He's so funny, so angry, so full of crap.  Twitter is scoring this debate a win for Bachmann, that she breathed new life into her campaign ... which has zero hope of going anywhere but may have earned her the Palin VP spot as designated attack poodle.

For those keeping track at home:
Bachmann: Pro-life mother of 23 and beard to one very up tight closeted white guy is also Pro Cancer.

Perry: Cannot be bought cheaply, pretty dumb on his feet, great hair, authentic swagger, real ranch, bought and paid for by big oil.  Typical GOP Texas politician. (Got booed by tea baggers for compassionate immigration stance similar to his old boss when he was Bush's Lieutenant Governor - booed for his one decent and human act as governor.)

Romney: The robotic GOP equivalent to Al Gore, the RomBot is a quantum candidate, able to be on all sides of an issue at the same time.

Santorum: STILL the most googleable candidate there, but was not frothy enough last night.

Huntsman: Is obviously in the wrong party.

Paul: Is obviously on the wrong planet.

Gingrich: Is obviously on the wrong end of the space-time continuum.

Herman Cain has a 9 point plan which as near as I can remember stands for a 9 item pizza for $9.99 delivered in 90 minutes.

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Mark W Adams said...

Yes, for those keeping track of silly things like facts-n-stuff, HPV IS a communicable STD, so the Frothy One got this wrong ... and Bachmann's insinuation after the debate that the vaccine causes mental retardation is the machinations of a conspiracy theorist's wet dream.