Scarborough Loses Argument With Himself
By: Mark W Adams

It took maybe 25 seconds for Joe Scarborough to completely contradict himself on what kind of machinations the CIA is capable of this morning, all as MSNBC's answer to Alan Colmes vapidly stared, mouth agape, offering platitudes and meek objections until finally stammering agreement with Joe's final statement of utter nonsense.

Media Matters has the video and with regards to whether the CIA selectively leaks classified information, they simply ask: Which is it, Joe? Do they or don't they? [Elapsed time 1:11]

Here's my quick transcript:
JOE: Well, uh, anyway. In 2002 they would have been irresponsible if they hadn't asked that question [re: Iraq connection to 9/11] along with a thousand other questions, which they did. But to say that, that was the purpose. No. The purpose was after 9/11 figuring al-Qaeda out.

And to a bigger point. A lot of people in the CIA thought George Bush politicized them. Did you see what they did to George Bush over five years? They'd leak this document. They'd leak that document. And they bled him dry. You do not politicize the CIA. Bush learned it. And Nancy Pelosi's learning it now.

MIKA: I do so think that the work of these people and...in the wake of 9/11 should be respected, and even honored in some ways. But I will say for balance and not for argument that the CIA is not above question and rebuke.

HAROLD FORD, Jr.: I would agree with that.

JOE: Well sure. We all agree with that. Sadly though, all of the attacks...

MIKA: 9/11 happened...on...

JOE: All of the attacks have come from the left in this debate. Because guess what? CIA agents are patriotic. They don't leak classified information, but their enemies do.

MIKA: I'm with you.
Astonishing what it must be like to live inside Joe's head, effortlessly filling three hours of the "liberal" cable news network with such wisdom day after day -- and then play on ABC radio for a couple of hours too, all while Twittering.

What a douche.

I take it when Joe says only the CIA's enemies leak classified info, he includes Scooter Libby, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney on that list for when they burned Valerie Plame.

One question remains. Why is Mika Brezinski there at all when Joe can argue with himself for hours?