From Twitter 04-30-2009
By: Mark W Adams

  • 00:35:29: MarkWAdams: Franklin D. Roosevelt: "A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned to walk forward."
  • 09:49:10: MarkWAdams: @EileenLeft Firebirds are fun & I already miss the old GTOs/LeMans muscle cars
  • 10:03:36: MarkWAdams: @EileenLeft Sadly the GTO/LeMans R long gone, I'm driving a firebird now & they still make FB/Trans-Am. Pontiac made cool looking Chevy/Olds
  • 10:07:36: MarkWAdams: @EileenLeft Wow, just the opposite. when I was 16 my mom was in accident so I HAD to learn to drive
  • 10:54:57: MarkWAdams: RT @rkref: Biden just flipped a GOP senator. From where I'm standing, he just earned his salary for the year, and can say whatever he wants.
  • 10:57:25: MarkWAdams: @TFLN is some HIGHlarious stuff. (http://www.textsfromlastnight.com/)
  • 12:28:54: MarkWAdams: @JoeBidenNews speaks truth// Wingnuts attack in fit of Pinoccio Syndrome: "Lie 2 me, lie 2 me while I sit on your face." #swineflu
  • 12:41:16: MarkWAdams: RT @thinkprogress: GOP Leaders Shut Steele Out Of New Initiative 2 Revive Party// Alex, who is Gen.Petraeus for $1000 http://is.gd/vE3X
  • 13:01:21: MarkWAdams: Chill Out: It's The Flu, Not The Plague: Close The Borders!!Buy Duck Tape and Stay In Your Safe Room!Stock Up on.. http://tinyurl.com/cjolsv
  • 13:01:41: MarkWAdams: From Twitter 04-29-2009: 09:31:21: MarkWAdams: Currently Browsing: http://is.gd/2JEM12:16:03: MarkWAdams: Jesse .. http://tinyurl.com/dg7ztk
  • 18:09:23: MarkWAdams: Hey come on. Was anyone, absolutely anyone really panicked by anything Joe Biden said ... ever? Get real, this is piling on. #swineflu
  • 18:45:47: MarkWAdams: Someone buy Ed Schultz a chair. Stand-up is for comedy ... like Wolf Blitzer, not real news/opinion.
  • 18:47:35: MarkWAdams: FB RT: Rude Pundit wonders if we could re-name the chicken pox, too, because it's insensitive to...well, you know.
  • 18:59:36: MarkWAdams: John Cole=Teh Awsum: "Republicans R just cmpletly lost when solution 2 any problem is not cut taxes or commence bombing."http://is.gd/vHAe
  • 19:22:13: MarkWAdams: Another One bites the dust RT @RedState: #TCOT Breaking:Senator Bunning Will Not Seek Reelection http://tinyurl.com/cxj43y
  • 22:51:45: MarkWAdams: More of this Please @thinkprogress: Conservative talker suspended after blaming swine flu on VD carrying Mexicans http://is.gd/vKMd
  • 22:54:32: MarkWAdams: @blogdiva: "if you give conservatives more cowbell, you'll turn them into the new Hipster cool" //But only if they wear their hat backwards.

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