From Twitter 05-02-2009
By: Mark W Adams

  • 00:34:04: MarkWAdams: @cindyscott54: Since we've been delivered from compassionate conservatism & I'm the "Dispassionate Liberal," That means I won. #suckit Bush!
  • 00:41:46: MarkWAdams: RT @p2info: Around a million progressives are on Twitter right now. You can help teach them about #p2 [Just follow @p2info & RT this]
  • 00:55:17: MarkWAdams: @divalicias it's the weekend, so Biden went home ... that or Cheney really did have the place erased.
  • 04:02:41: MarkWAdams: From Twitter 05-01-2009: 03:08:47: MarkWAdams: From Twitter 04-30-2009: 00:35:29: MarkWAdams: Franklin D. Roosev.. http://tinyurl.com/d9b7uh
  • 13:32:07: MarkWAdams: Beginning Year Seven after "Mission Accomplished" || 2 US Soldiers, 3 Iraqis Killed; 3 Iraqis Wounded http://is.gd/w9GW
  • 16:03:47: MarkWAdams: Ugh. This is John Boehner Country: Cincinnati Patrolled By Real-Life Superheroes. What Could Possibly Go Wrong? http://is.gd/wbbg
  • 20:48:16: MarkWAdams: WHY PRESUME? RT @GlennBeckShow: "The more oftn Americans go2 church, the more likely they R2 support torture of ... Christians, I presume"
  • 20:49:31: MarkWAdams: @GlennBeckShow OH, My bad. It's Christians you presume want to torture suspected terrorists? WTF?
  • 20:51:05: MarkWAdams: @GlennBeckShow Either way, I question your definition of "Christian" including anyone who supports torture, unless they're Spanish Monks.
  • 20:53:35: MarkWAdams: @Cody_K Wasn't one of the main differences brought about by Christianity the idea of turning cheeks replacing poking eyes?* #tcot #p2 #rs
  • 20:55:05: MarkWAdams: RT @p2info: We can put a man on the moon. Why can't we put Glenn Beck there? #p2
  • 21:15:00: MarkWAdams: @rkref Just wish they'd get this charade over with so the Cav's can crush one of them and move on to the big show. #bulls
  • 21:29:03: MarkWAdams: KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE DUDE RT @owillis: @briwal but isn't snarky sposed to be funny? I'm a practicioner of the snark arts and try to be funny
  • 21:33:48: MarkWAdams: THE best FaceBook group EVER http://is.gd/wdyJ
  • 21:39:33: MarkWAdams: @profound_brew re: snark. You're shitting me.

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