Iraq Funding and the Ohio Delegation
By: Mark W Adams

The Capitulation Bill is now history. Wisely, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama waited until their votes were not needed, and voted against it. But what about your congress critter.

I was glad to see my Congresswoman, Marcy Kaptur (D - 09) join Dennis Kucinich (D - 10) in refusing to renew Bush's blank check for his war without end. Nor was it a suprise to see Betty Sutton (D - 13) stay true to her principles after authoring a bill which would have begun withdrawing combat troops from Iraq within 90 days, with all of them gone within six months.

Tim Ryan (D - 17) is now officially forgiven (at least as far as I'm concerned) for Pork Chop-Gate because he refused to endorse the Iraq madness any longer.

However, Charles Wilson (D - 06) joins Zack Space (D - 18) on my list (the bad one) for cow-towing to the pressure of being a Democrat in a red district. Zack had already made my list for joining with Mean Jean Schmidt (R - 02) in backing the plan to recycle nuclear waste in Pinkton.

Zack, Charlie, a lot of real Democrats across Ohio fought for you guys. You got some serious problems if you think that catering to the conservatives will help you keep your seats. Get a clue, they hate you anyway. Now you pissed off the rest of us.

Good Luck in '08. You're on your own, at least for now.

Two notes of interest. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones (D - 11) did not vote. (Okay, not so interesting.) What was priceless was watching our own Minority Leader, John Boehner (R - 08) break down and cry like a little Georgie Voinovich right there on the House floor.


If you'd like to bust the chops of your Congress Critter, look under the flap.

Oh, and one more thing....
Screw You Sherrod Brown. Paul Hackett wouldn't have betrayed us like this.

Senator George Voinovich (R- OH) 202-224-3353 202-228-1382
Senator Sherrod Brown (D- OH) 202-224-2315 202-228-6321
Representative Steve Chabot (R - 01) 202-225-2216 202-225-3012
Representative Jean Schmidt (R - 02) 202-225-3164 202-225-1992
Representative Mike Turner (R - 03) 202-225-6465 202-225-6754
Representative Jim Jordan (R - 04) 202-225-2676 202-226-0577
Representative Paul E. Gillmor (R - 05) 202-225-6405 202-225-1985
Representative Charles Wilson (D - 06) 202-225-5705 202-225-5907
Representative David L. Hobson (R - 07) 202-225-4324 202-225-1984
Representative John A. Boehner (R - 08) 202-225-6205 202-225-0704
Representative Marcy Kaptur (D - 09) 202-225-4146 202-225-7711
Representative Dennis J. Kucinich (D - 10) 202-225-5871 202-225-5745
Representative Stephanie T. Jones (D - 11) 202-225-7032 202-225-1339
Representative Patrick J. Tiberi (R - 12) 202-225-5355 202-226-4523
Representative Betty Sutton (D - 13) 202-225-3401 202-225-2266
Representative Steve C. LaTourette (R - 14) 202-225-5731 202-225-3307
Representative Deborah Pryce (R - 15) 202-225-2015 202-225-3529
Representative Ralph Regula (R - 16) 202-225-3876 202-225-3059
Representative Tim Ryan (D - 17) 202-225-5261 202-225-3719
Representative Zack T. Space (D - 18) 202-225-6265 202-225-3394