In Your Dreams
By: Mark W Adams

If there's absolutely anything to this, we might be able to start reading these folks again without feeling like we just found the Hillary infomercial channel on the intertubeZ.

Mona Charen @ The Corner:
I was just on the John Batchelor radio program. He says that Chuck Todd, NBC News political director, has heard from Hillary's people that she would accept the number two spot on the ticket.
It's the dream ticket people. Rejoice!

As long as he's winning, ahead in delegates, ahead in superdelegates, there's simply no way Obama's people or the rank and file of the party are going to get behind Hillary without resenting her and knowing she manipulated the situation, period. She may have the party machinery, but Obama has the boots on the ground -- the phone-bankers and door knockers the party will need to win this thing.

Independent voters being split between McCranky and Obama is better than all of them voting for Johnny Ace McSame because they refuse to vote for Hillary. Together, it's an unstoppable ticket that suits their personal styles. The VP should be the attack dog and draw enemy fire while the top of the ticket remains aloof from the fray and "presidential." I can't think of a better good-cop/bad-cop coupling -- and it doesn't work if Obama is the number two.

The "Bubba" problem is solvable easily enough according to this brilliant blogger we all know and love. There'll be a NY Senate Seat opening up that Bill could be appointed to if Hillary decides she won't be stuffing her spouse in the man-sized safe she inherits from Dick Cheney. (Just keep a hard count on the Senate Pages, and it's all good.)