Newt Twit
By: Mark W Adams

Not only is one of the heroes of the teabagger right racially insensitive (as evident by the quote below) but he's just plain wrong on the history -- a subject The Editors point out he got paid to teach.

[H]ere’s what Newt Gingrich, the Republican former speaker of the House — a man celebrated by many in his party as an intellectual leader — had to say: If Democrats pass health reform, “They will have destroyed their party much as Lyndon Johnson shattered the Democratic Party for 40 years” by passing civil rights legislation.

While the Poorman went to Google to debunk Mitt RomneyCare's greatest threat beyond the Wassilla Hillbilly, I took a gander at Wikipedia and noted the Democratic Party held on to it's 60+ super-majority in the Senate well past the Johnson years, right up until 1979. They didn't lose the majority until 1981, gaining it back in '87.  The House remained safely Democratic until 1995 when Clinton lost both Houses.  Bush (43) gave them both right back to the Democrats of course in 2007.

So yeah, if by saying, "Johnson shattered
the Democratic Party for 40 years" Gingrich meant the Republicans were able to stall progress and prevent the completion of the Great Society for 40 years by gaining the White House for all but 12 of those years and it taking 30 years after the Civil Rights Act before the GOP won control of both houses of Congress, completely failing to roll-back a single tenant of the Great Society or the New Deal even when they won the White House five years later -- then sure Newt, LBJ shattered the Democratic Party. 

What. Ev. Er.