Marcy Kaptur, a Stupak Blocker?
By: Mark W Adams

Learning that my Congresswoman, Marcy Kaptur might be counted as one of the "Stupak Dozen" (ok, 11, maybe 4) prompted me to whip off this note to her office.
Please, Please PLEASE tell me that the Congresswoman is NOT standing with Bart Stupak and preparing to scuttle health insurance reform. 

As flawed and incomplete the watered-down compromised Senate bill is, it not only remains the most significant (and necessary) social legislation that has come before the Congresswoam during her proud career.  It would be completely unacceptable that she be remembered (and lose her seat) for voting against this all too important first step in fixing what has been a cornerstone of the Democratic Party's mission since the Great Depression.

She's done great things, a stalwart liberal to the core with just enough practicality that keeps me from kicking her in the shin like I always seem to want to do to Dennis Kucinich.  I've always been proud to vote for her.  It all gets thrown down the toilet if she stands with that grandstanding malcontent Bart Stupak.

I'll update if/when I get a response.