Palinfreude Overdose
By: Mark W Adams

My apologies to everyone for neglecting my blogging duties.  Now I realize, too late, that the seemingly endless source of pleasure derived from watching the GOP implode may disappear in one ginormous explosion of fireworks and Palinfreude (Yes, Skippy, I coined that word.)

Other than getting elected to the Senate, just what will comedians do with the Queen of Alaska getting out of politics? This is the first time I've seen only one story on Memeorandum.com.  From the moment we all heard her name for the first time, Sarah Palin has been one big bag of jaw-dropping whackadoodle.  Her exit from official duties (jury's out on continued meida abuse) was no different. Her resignation speech was as incoherent and void of logic or facts as anything she ever said on a national stage.

Naturally, this is good news for John McCain (who should be ashamed for letting this woman get anywhere near the White House). 

Rachel Sklar has a nice rundown of L'afarre Palin and her 10 months of WTF, as does just about everyone, everywhere.  My sense, however, is that now that she won't be distracted by the pesky duties of governing Alaska, she can now devote her time to what she and her family really believe is imporatant -- faux outrage and scathing screeds against trumped-up delusional crap, 24/7.