IOKIYAR Part 4,792
By: Mark W Adams

Atrios is fond of saying that all news is good news if you're a Republican.  Shockingly today on Morning Joe, Time Magazine chief Mark Halprin notes that there is one thing out there that is bad news for the GOP -- Sarah Palin sucking up all the oxygen away from all the other conservatives.  I smell a rat, but that's another madeningly annoying issue.

Today we are informed that if you're a Republican, your political rivals are the ones who should be afraid if you are subject to a criminal investigation, at least if you're Dick Cheney and the current President wants to keep his ambitious agenda intact. 

I'm really not sure what they're trying to accoplish with this theme.  Do the conservatives want to scare the administration off, threatening health care reform if a special prosecutor is appointed to investigate Cheney?  Or are they daring the Attorney General to go after the previous administration, hoping that does indeed throttle Obama's plans? 

As usual, I'm getting a headache trying to apply logical analysis to Repubican antics.

There's a bit of Br'er Rabbit and the briar patch in their tone, but when three-forths of the country insist that something must be done about the Bush Administration's transgresions AND want public option for health care, President Obama carries a pretty powerful weed-whacker.

I'm also reasonably certain that the Wall St. Journal's is blowing smoke in its report that the program the CIA didn't tell Congress about (on Cheney's orders) was an assassination squad that never went beyond the planning stage.  Considering the source, the lack of anything extraordinary, that it wasn't supported by the President or Dick and the all too agreeable targets -- al Queda leaders -- I smell a cover story. 

Marcy Wheeler thinks there's another shoe waiting to drop here too -- and pieces together some interesting factoids to flesh out the situation.