It's Called Laying Low
By: Mark W Adams

Every once in a while you just need to refresh the mental batteries. It's good for the soul and brings fresh perspective.

I highly recommend it. Even if you only go as far as your backyard, take that vacation, that mental break.

Whether you do some traveling only to discover you've probably missed your chance to change future history for the better by throwing some evil Machiavellian out an open hatchway at 10,000 feet, or you come to the realization that some things do indeed change, profoundly so, but usually it's a change for the worst.

So if you missed me, that's more than gratifying. If you didn't even notice I've been rather quiet lately, you're not the only one.

I now return you to your original blogging experience.


G. A. Roach said...

Good to have you back, Mark. It may be good that you weren't on the plane with gay boy, but damn...banned for being a furry critter, that's just so...Rovellian. The damn irony of taking a hiatus. I tried to hold the fort down. Hope I don't get banned for the stunt I pulled! Welcome home!

Ara said...

Dear NSA:

At no time did I ever consider throwing Mr. Rove from the jet. For one thing, he wasn't sitting in an exit row.


P.S. Welcome back, Mark.