High Crimes and Missed Opportunities
By: Mark W Adams

Considering the list of crimes, Barack Obama is dead wrong.

Impeachment is not only acceptable, it is required. Otherwise we are doomed to repeat this cycle of lawlessness and arrogant corruption exemplified by the current administration, unless some heads roll.

Nixon's pardon begat Weinberger's pardon, which will begat Libby and eventually Cheney's pardon. Until the criminal enterpirse known as the GOP learns that there are consequences for highjacking the Constitution, expect more of the same -- more of this.

Grow a pair Barack.


Ara said...

Hard to argue with what you say, Mark -- and Obama is my first choice for the nomination.

Fact is, impeachment is simply equal to indictment (not removal from office). Obama (constitutional scholar that he is) knows that.

And an impeachable offense is whatever Congress says it is, i.e., whatever gets enough votes to pass. -- and by a simple majority. Obama knows that, too.

Conviction in the Senate is an entirely different matter, requiring a 2/3 majority. Obama knows that as well.

The founders created impeachment and put it on the spectrum of activities that Congress was entitled to engage in to check the runaway power of the executive. This should not be news to Obama.

That said, Obama's statements are not any different than any other Dem in Congress except for Kucinich and the co-sponsors of his Cheney-impeachment bill.

P.S. Absolutely no snark intended here, but what is Edwards stance on impeaching Cheney and/or Bush?

Mark W Adams said...

Not much better. (link