Post Debate Updates
By: Mark W Adams

Over at Ohio for John Edwards, the updates are coming in fast and furious.

Here's a sample:

Joe Klein from Time's Swampland is impressed with the Edwards campaign.

No Baloney Candidate

Chris Cillizza's The Fix Blog at Washington Post

Edwards Draws Sharpest Contrasts

Edwards continues to come the closest to drawing outright contrasts with his rivals.

Asked about his healthcare plan, Edwards said he was "proud of the fact that I have a very specific universal healthcare plan that is different than some of the others on the stage."

He added: "Rhetoric is not enough. High falutin' language is not enough."


Vote for Edwards here, and don't forget to recommend the diary.


MyDD also has a post debate thread

Tell everyone why you thought Edwards won.


RAW STORY frames the debate as Edwards vs. Clinton, and some other folks who happened to be there.



Ara said...

A new SurveyUSA automated survey of 1,250 adults in South Carolina (conducted immediately following the Democratic Presidential Debate on 4/26) finds:

* Among 403 adults who listened to the debate, 31% felt Sen. Barack Obama won, 24% felt Sen. Hillary Clinton won, and 14% felt former Sen. John Edwards won.

* Among only those who said they would vote in the Democratic primary (52%), 39% felt Clinton won, 35% felt Obama won, and 10% felt Edwards won.

Now I'm the first one to say, in the 24 hours immediately following the end of the debate, everyone should ignore everything that is said (especially by pundits). It takes a few days for people to think about what they've seen. People talk amongst themselves, opinions are formed, etc.

That said, it can't be good news for Edwards that he didn't rise above the rest of the pack -- or at least gain on them.

Maybe that'll happen during the next 7 days or so.

P.S. My 19 year old son, who is politically very active, called it for Hillary -- and this is from a guy who couldn't stand her before the debate. His guy was Richardson, but he really thought Hillary was the only one who projected confidence and control. "I could easily see her in charge inside the Situation Room at the White House," is how he put it.

Your mileage may vary.

cameron75 said...

I think that Obama is going to steal (if not already stolen) Edwards' sparkle. I don't think experience has shown much of anything in our past elections. Remember, B. Clinton was the proposed underdog in '92. I think Hilary and Edwards are going to have a serious run for their money.

Not only is America tired of the Reps; they're tired of the same Dem promises. They just want to hear something remotely different than anything that's been proposed since '96.