Be Excellent To Each Other
By: Mark W Adams

I'll be out of town for the day. I hear there's a great place to get a decent haircut in Cleveland that I've got to try out. I've been saving my nickles and have $400.00, so I hope that's enough for gas money and a tip for the barber after I pay for the trim.

(Geez John, did you have to put the grooming on the expense account. And no, I'm not linking to this stupidity.)

In the mean time, check out Emptypocket's idea. It's so silly it HAS to work.

Yes, I thinking here about the ultimate challenge. A McCain/Giuliani ticket versus the moral imperitive of John Edwards and .... (Ta Da) Michael Bloomberg.

(Hillary would blow a gasket, two New York mayors in a POTUS race that she couldn't get in. Love It.)

1 Comment:

Ara said...

You should instead do what Stephen Colbert does -- get a $100 haircut four times a week.

P.S. A year from now, McCain may not even be a candidate anymore.