RWNJs Separated At Birth?
By: Mark W Adams

Anyone else a bit creeped out by the similarity of Fox News' favorite fake, Acorn harassing pimp and the Oklahoma City Bomber?

James E. O'Keefe / Timothy James McVeigh

I think it was the expressionless grimace and sandy hair that made me think of McVeigh when I saw O'Keefe's mugshot.  I don't know, the misguided zealotry maybe -- the idea that I was all but expecting them to charge O'Keefe under the Patriot Act as some kind of terrorist?  No doubt Jimmy would be much more fun at parties than Timmy, and definitely the go to guy if you wanted hot chicks to show up.

Yeah, I know there's simply no comparison in their crimes, alleged or otherwise. But these otherwise nice All-American boys with the Irish surnames ... well, supply your own slippery slope analogy.