RIP Air America Radio
By: Mark W Adams

Day one of Year Two of the Obama era ... continues to suck.

Air America, the Talk Radio Network, Will Go Off the Air - NYTimes.com

Asses like John Hawkins at Right Wing News is dancing gleefully that his comrades have struck a blow for the fascist war-mongers, corporate lackies and obstructionist know-nothings that serve as the intellectual backbone of the right.

After the Scott Brown win, the Supreme Court taking a bite out of McCain-Feingold, and Nancy Pelosi's announcement that the Dems can't get the Senate bill through "as is," you might have thought it couldn't get any better for conservatives this week.
"Taking a bite out of McCain-Feingold?" Really John? Is that all you think happened now that Blackwater and Halliburton are free to buy and sell members of the Armed Services Committees of Congress? Net Neutrality, the one issue both the right and left Blogistan agree upon will be a fond memory. Wall Street already enjoying undue influence on the banking and finance committees, now will simply anoint stenographers to "represent" the will of an electorate so bamboozled by the barrage of disingenuous crap they will air on corporate media and through Chamber of Commerce approved, financially lucrative, business-friendly-only internet portals the average birther/teabagger of today will seem like a Rhodes Scholar.

These Galtist free-marketeers will only quip that Air America just didn't have a viable business model, that liberal radio won't, can't, never will work -- I guess because all the hippies listen to classic rock or something. That's spin, corporate spin. Don't believe it.


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