Constitution Day! I Got Yer Constitution Right Here
By: Mark W Adams


No, really. You can get a FREE pocket sized copy of the US Constitution to carry around just like Dennis Kucinich for only $3.00 shipping. Right Here.

Today is Constitution Day: The day in 1787, after being sequestered for four months, 55 delegates from 13 independent States emerged with a unifying document that would serve as a blueprint for Chairman Max Baucus's Senate Finance Committee's exhaustive effort to similarly work behind closed doors for months on end, eventually coming up with a pig of a health care bill no one on either side of the aisle will vote for.  (The Constitutional Convention delegates took an August recess just like our current Congress, but only for 10 days - slackers.)

You might find it interesting that our founding liberal, church-hating, civil rights guaranteeing, African-American loving, philandering third President - Thomas Jefferson - the man who headed the longest-lived freely elected political party, the Democratic-Republicans (now the Democratic Party) was in FRANCE during the signing ceremony.  John Adams, the original Massachusetts Liberal and brother of the original Teabagger, Sam, was away in the UK at the time.

More fun facts surrounding the signing of the Constitution include which State was misspelled and the name of the Clerk responsible for the typo (pen-o?) and how much he was paid to insult those God and Gun Clinging folks where they wrote the damn thing.

Money fact:
The national government spent $4.3 million during the first session of Congress from 1789-1791. During the last year that George Washington was President of the United States (1796-1797), the entire cost of running the federal government was $5,727,000. [Thus the tradition of growing government was born, Washington increased the cost of Federal Government by 33% in eight years. That would be like George W. Bush going from the $1.9 Trillion 2001 budget to $2.6 Trillion in 2008 - instead of the $2.9 Trillion budget he actually submitted. Oops.]
Scary fact:
The word “democracy” does not appear once in the Constitution.