Beckians Fight Litter and Liberals
By: Mark W Adams

The National Mall as the 9/12 Tea Party winds down.

Gateway Pundit, is still pushing the absurd claim 2 millions Glenn Beck fans gathered in Washington DC during their union-created weekend, arriving on liberal funded public transportation to a publicly maintained park, to protest, uhh ... something ... taxes? Czars? Fixing health care? Commies, Fascists, Kenyan Presidents who look like Alfred E. Newman with a Hitler mustache? Democrats? I don't really know what they were protesting to be quite honest.  Fluoridated water maybe? Who knows. 

Whatever. Conservatives gathered in the only U.S. city with no Congressional representation for the movement's latest Tea Party, completely unaware (once again) of the ironic nature of the name they've adopted for these stunts. No doubt seeing signs in shop windows saying "No taxation without representation" lulled them into a sense of faux security.

G.P.'s photo essay uses the above picture to "prove" liberals are still the filthy hippies they hated at Woodstock, complete with post inauguration pictures of a mess left when the Mall was filled last January, and conservatives are clean.

See, a hitherto unknown tendency of Republicans is that they don't litter.  They are so connected with the environment, they'd do nothing to defile its beauty -- especially in a sacred spot like the seat of the Government they just cannot stand.

Now to my untrained eye, the scene shows a sparsely attended assembly that hardly trod on the grass, let alone anyone's liberty, putting the lie to claims that the crowd reached six figures, let alone seven.  But what does this dirty fucking hippy know anyway.

So, it's good to know that among it's many (so damn many) facets, the conservative movement is also reverent of Washington DC's pristine glory.  So rapt of the Capital's majesty they could not bear to trash the place, disposing of their empty bottles of water (and other precious bodily fluids) properly.


Fearguth said...

From the excellent condition of the sod, it looks like the grounds of a music festival that won't be held again next year.

Mark W Adams said...

Ha! Don't tread on me indeed.