Boobie? BooBIE!! 98 to 82, Cav's Win!
By: Mark W Adams

Cavs make history - head to NBA Finals

That's Twenty Bucks PhilGoBlue of Michigan for Edwards owes the Ohio For Edwards Piggy Bank! WooHoo!!!

Pay Up BeeOich! And quit whining about the refs.

31 points from rookie guard Danny "Boobie" Gibson (who knew).

Get this quote from Michael Adams (no relation) of the The Lufkin (Texas) Daily News

King James finally takes his throne

Watching LeBron pour in 48-points Thursday night in Game 5 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, I became a little concerned about the Spurs' chances of getting that fourth NBA title.

The domination my beloved San Antonio Spurs exhibited against the Utah Jazz in the Western Conference Finals of the NBA Playoffs was nothing compared to watching LeBron take his place as the next Michael Jordan.

Yeah, I said it.

I never knew they still played basketball in June. This is a first. Usually I'm watching nothing but baseball by now.

Knowing the next Michael Jordon wears a Cleveland jersey makes the cry baby antics of Rasheed Wallace (which got him ejected) just seem amusing, even though he's still classless.

1 Comment:

Ara said...

Dang. The better team won. Congrats!

A couple of thoughts:

o King James hasn't taken his throne...yet. You have to win the NBA Championship to do that. I'm just saying.

o Who the hell is this Danny Gibson guy? Jeez. It was like watching a kid drop cherry pits into a five gallon bucket.

o It was the pop bottle, Mark. It really was an omen.