Adam's Back
By: Mark W Adams

Adam is back to blogging, and blogtopia is all that much better for this kind of insight you'll find at his new blog, Mighty Forces:

If Michael Moore made a movie about how puppies are cute, the right wing crapweasels would tie themselves in knots finding new ways to hate those ugly goddamned puppies.
Speaking of MM, the irrationally obsessive Michael Moore despiser, Dean Esmay, is a proudly self-proclaimed Neo-Con. *Hey Dean, glad you finally admitted you have a problem. Admission is the first step in recovery. Now if you could only put the bottle down...

So you know, Adam and I share the distinction of being in the same club as every other liberal who had the temerity to comment on Dean's blog, and were of course banned from that bastion of self-deluded hatemongers and extremists swimming in their cest-pool of an echo chamber.

But we're not bitter.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words, Mark. Rather than purely political, I'm hoping the new site will have more of a mix of topics, similar to my old site "words mean things."