What Massachusetts Really Means
By: Mark W Adams

The Republican persuaded enough independents to send a clown message to Washington while the Democrat inspired her base to stay home.
  • It means that we no longer have to pretend that we have 60 votes, cuz we never really did.
  • It means that the GOP will feel emboldened and come November these whackadoodles will ride a tide of public discontent and teabaggery to cut the Democrat's majority in the Senate from 18 to 15, maybe.  Harry Ried, Chris Dodd, thank you for your service ... and good riddance to Blanch Lincoln.
  • It means that after all the shouting is over, may a few conservatives might want to try their hand at governing, cuz there's no way they can perpetuate this Party Of No suicide pact into 2012.
  • It really doesn't change things all that much, except in the minds of the beholders and spinmeisters.

Most of the punditocracy buys the GOP spin that this was a referendum on health care and Obama is in trouble. Arriana Huffington insists it's a referendum on the White House's cozy relationship with Wall Street ... cuz she's whack .... again. Fred Hyatt thinks everythings peachy since  the neocon foreign adventures continue as before.

I see Massachusetts as a referendum on the public's distaste with watching sausage being made.  I don't recall  any legislation being given this kind of scrutiny before.

We go to war at the drop of a hat, fund it without second thought, throw trillions at Wall Street in the blink of an eye ... but Oh Noez! Trying to figure out who's gonna pay for the nation's hemorrhoid surgery is a pain in the butt of unimaginable magnitude.

There's a reason the Constitution was written behind closed doors.  CSPAN and 24 hour news may yet be the death of this nation.  Curse you Ted Turner.  Without CNN, there wouldn't be a Fox News and Roger Ailes would never have become the head of the Republican Party.