New Church Jingle
By: Mark W Adams

I kid you not.  The 2nd Family Baptist Church here in the Glass City is using the Theme from Cheers in a local TV spot to help build the congregation: ♫ "You wanna go where everybody knows your name." ♪♪

I've mentioned before that the ratio of Churches to Bars in this town is out of whack. In fact a great deal of the churches look like they used to be bars, but this is just weird.

Imagine going to a new church for the very first time ... especially if you haven't been inside one for a bit. You start to look for a seat and everyone in the pews turns around and shouts, "Norm!"

Double the freak out if your name actually is Norm.


Salmon said...

A good song, I like it.

New Church Jingle is the name of the song?

Kevin Hayden said...

On the positive side, at least I'm not named Cliff Klaven.