Another Medicare Recipient Against Gov. Healthcare
By: Mark W Adams

This is just getting weird.

Roger Fakes, 70, said he sat quitely during most of the meeting, but Cohen’s insistence that citizens would be able to keep their private health care drove him to his feet.

He argued that changes to private insurance would force citizens into the government plan.

‘There are some of us old gray-haired folks that don’t want the government involved in any of our business,’ he said.

Oliver pointed out the interesting fact that the audience (one of whom was escorted out with a weapon) was mostly white conservatives -- in the only majority black district in the State of Tennessee, 59%, Harold Ford Jr.'s old district.

The right's version of community organizing is to infiltrate other people's communities.

There was a time when conservatives were against busing.

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Unknown said...

the lies that are surfacing out of this debate are starting to outshine the ridiculous ideas the extreme right thought up during the presidential campaign.