bin Deaden, bin Shark Bait, bin Shot in the Eye.
By: Mark W Adams

You were looking for a theme for our foreign policy. While I think that
of course is a media driven contrivance, bumper-stickers work. Bookend
this with the Cairo speech, and use the Arab Spring as the meat of the
sandwich ... then repeat this slogan: "America, FUCK YEAH!"

W. got a call from POTUS before the announcement. Thanked Barry for the
heads-up, congratulated all involved, and pronounced "Bong Hits for
Everyone" from an undisclosed location.  Other than that, he still doesn't care. Just like nobody gives a damn what Dick Cheney has  to say, so just go away.

Ghadaffi has run out of pants he's shit himself so much in the last 24 hours.

May Day...Anniversary of "Mission Accomplished" speech... and while Barack was waiting to hear
results from Pakistan he pointed out Trump's difficult decision making
expertise in deciding Gary Busy had to be fired because he failed to
give Meatloaf proper supervision at Taco Bell. Nice that he waited
until after The Apprentice showed to interrupt network programming
though. Showed class.

In an utter corruption of the words of Reagan speech writer Peggy Noonan, she praised, "the Return of Competence." (Okay, that's actually a fairly direct quote.) How's that for your Bumper Sticker.  Right now, does it really matter that he's a secret Muslim/Commie/Kenyan when you can retort ... Yeah, but HE got Osama bin Laden.  Dropped a house on him, shot him in the eye and dumped the fucker's body in the ocean.  You're going to have to get wet to find the Long-Form Death Certificate.

Fox Noise had it's own slant on the story, but Osama with a B instead of an S was small ball compared with al Jazeera insisting in it's chyron that drones carried out the attack after they carried the President's speech live, which spelled out how this was a manned operation.  Another interesting juxtaposition was their "experts" insisting that the American people (who they were showing celebrating in front of the White House) would insist on DNA evidence and a picture of an American soldier standing next to Osama's corpse.  That was 180 degrees from CNN's "experts" saying the Arab World would insist on strong evidence of the same. 

Lament there wasn't a trial before the World Court, accuse us of Beowulf Ethics all you want my lefty friends, the Freeperati can out-crazy any hippie and is still bummed a terrorist is living in the White House.  These tea-baggers no doubt will feel even more marginalized in a coffee caffeinated nation when they hear the resounding chant: "America, FUCK YEAH!"