Interesting Game Of Who Does The Least
By: Mark W Adams

This bugs me.

The GOP/T-Baggers have been crying about the "radical" agenda of the evil Obama/Pelosi Kommunist Kabal, and have been doing everything in their power to stop it, ie. filibustering everything in sight.

The Dems, for their part, have made their frustration with the obstructionist Repubican'ts palpable, yet at the same time boast how much they've accomplished.  Truly, by historic terms this current Congress and the first half of the first term of the Obama administration must qualify as "transformational."  Although we're still in trouble economically, blame for which has not (yet) stuck to this president, the new direction we are heading cements his place in history.

Health care.  That alone would do the trick.  But we also have a student loan overhaul and a boost to Pell Grants, a flawed but first in a generation restructuring of financial regulation, much needed infrastructure investment, shoring up of Medicare, and a new nuclear arms agreement with Russia that would have had Ronald Reagan fans swooning. 

And tax cuts!  Don't forget tax cuts.  $288 Billion in tax cuts! For the middle class this time.  The Economic Recovery Act (fondly known in Blogtopistan as Stimzilla) really did have something for everyone - except 99% of the Republicans in Congress even though roughly half of the thing was right in line with their supply-side agenda.

So just what are the Republicans running against this year in the midterms?  (They have yet to articulate anything they are "for" in a coherent manner, but they've been bitching up a storm about both the status quo and the what the Dems want - what those commies are "for.") 

Dems: "Can't get nothing done cuz those damn Republicans won't let us - but ... but ... but ... Lookie all the crap we got done! Please send cash and reward our accomplishments even though we can't get anything done cuz we did so much!"

Reps: "Those damn Democrats are screwing everything up and we can't stop them - even though we've filibustered everything we are ... FAIL. Please send cash to reward us for doing nothing except trying to stop the Obama/Pelosi agenda, which we can totally do and completely reverse if we gain more seats in the Senate than are up for grabs and get a supermajority to impeach the President which we totally can't do!"

Progressives: "You guys totally sold us out!"

T-Baggers: "You guys are total sell-outs!"

Media: "If you look closely, you can totally see that the fuzz in my belly-button is more blue than gray, even though my shirt was mauve and .... Look! Shiny!"

Average voter: "Yawn."