Reagan Sucked. Deal With It.
By: Mark W Adams

...and another thing, the Berlin Wall didn't fall until a full year after Bush The Elder was elected... thanks in no small part to Mikhail Gorbachev's reforms, Lech Wałęsa's Solidarity, The Pope's moral focus and the people of Easter Europe desire to make a better world for their children ... well after Ronny Ray Gun had been fitted for a drool cup.

One more point. The disintegration of the Soviet Union itself in 1991, already weakened by the collapse of the Warsaw Pact alliance, was inevitable once Russia followed the Baltic States lead and threatened to secede from the union.

Stick that in your teacup.

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BruceMcF said...

As far as the Berlin Wall falling, the immediate cause was the maneuvering by the West Germans that led to the escape hatch via Austria.

And as far as the "bankrupting the Soviet Union via an arms race", far more important was the Saudi decision in the early 1980's to open the taps ... some speculate to punish the Soviets with their higher-cost oil for the invasion of Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the "brilliance" of Reagan's Afghanistan policy of undermining a weak secular government in Afghanistan combined with Bush the Elder's abandoning the country after Soviet withdrawal was seen on a certain September day in 2001. Bush the Younger may have been grossly negligent in his duties in ignoring the danger of Al-Qaeda ... but the role of Afghanistan as a safe haven for Al-Qaeda to plot a complex operation is largely a Reagan legacy.