Do the Phones Not Work On Capitol Hill?
By: Mark W Adams

I can't really bear to click through this mess of contradictory link-salad on Memeorandum.  Anyone who cares about the ongoing squabbles between Leader Reid and Speaker Pelosi on who's going to take the next first step on health care -- or if you give a tinker's damn about my sanity, please console me this isn't a game of "After you." "No, no, no. After you." "Oh, I insist, Ladies first." "Who you calling a lady you old coot?"
* Carrie Budoff Brown / The Politico:Reid: Senate can't pass reconciliation first, decision hopefully by next week  —  Emerging from a meeting Tuesday with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he hopes Democrats can decide by next week on a way to move the health care bill forward.
IceRocket, Google, and Ask
The Reality-Based Community Mark Kleiman / The Reality-Based Community:   Mais non! Apres vous, mon cher Alphonse!
Brian Beutler / TPMDC:
Pelosi: No Obstacle To Senate Acting First On Health Care Reform
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Open Congress, Crooks and Liars, Wonk Room, Open Left, Hot Air and The Plum Line
Donny Shaw / Open Congress:   Dems Coalescing Around a Plan for Finishing Health Care
John Amato / Crooks and Liars:   Nancy Pelosi Conference call on HCR: She was confident a bill …
Igor / Wonk Room:   Pelosi On Health Reform: 'We Will Not Be Deterred From Getting …
Chris Bowers / Open Left:   Pelosi: House will not pass health care unless Senate passes “fix” first
Karl / Hot Air:   ObamaCare: State of the undead bill
Greg Sargent / The Plum Line:   Senate Aides Identify Key Roadblock To Passing Reform Via Reconciliation
Patrick O'Connor / The Politico:
Hoyer walks back week-end prediction IceRocket, Google, and Ask
TPM LiveWire
Christina Bellantoni / TPM LiveWire:   Health Care Deadline? What Deadline?
Greg Sargent / The Plum Line:
Pelosi: Senate Must Pass Fix Before House Passes Senate Bill IceRocket, Google, and Ask
TPMDC and The Politico
UHG! Maybe some arm-twisting is in order...


Ara said...

Gah. Don't just stand there -- Somebody DO SOMETHING! Just pass the goddam bill, already.

Mark W Adams said...

We're agreed then ... "Gah!" is a terrific, all purpose expletive.

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