A New World Order I Can Believe In
By: Mark W Adams

They almost act surprised that the President of the United States is a "Lefty."

They're on the verge of astonishment that he's a listener.  Come on, with ears like that ... of course he is.

The indispensable Al Giordano leads with this picture ...

and makes these salient points:

Yesterday’s banner headline on Trinidad and Tobago’s daily Guardian (see below) was “Chávez vs. Obama.”

Today’s is above.

Ponder that for a moment.

Also today, the Venezuelan President said aloud he wants to restore his country’s Ambassador to the US (and, it follows, restore a US Ambassador to Caracas.)

Meanwhile, the foreign policy wonk community and US media has finally figured out what was evident to many of us for the past two years that candidate and then President Obama had been calling for easing the US embargo of Cuba.
Yep, simply shocking, at least to the Bozos paid to pay attention to such things (both in the press and the officials they cover), that President Obama was earnest in his promises to at least F$@%ing try to make this world better ... to change things, so many things that have been so wrong for so long.

Al sums up the zeitgeist of the Latin American Summit all too well:

It’s a block association meeting, basically, one with a new community organizer in the neighborhood, and a very different approach to how things get done.

It takes one to know one, and Al's a pretty decent organizer himself.

To which all I can say is ... Suckit! New York Times.  These people will probably never get it.