What Is News?
By: Mark W Adams

** What's This?
THIS is the news, ignored by all of us. Even when we argue about the horrific toll the Iraq war takes every day, more often as not, those of us in the United States are only talking about American Casualties, mainly because out government conveniently only has provided hard, verifiable numbers on the cost in blood and treasure to us, and not what hell we've unleashed in Iraq.

I've put the running ticker at the top left of this page, and will be adding a link to the daily count at the beginning of each day's entries from now on.

Even the estimable Dean's World should have no problems with these estimates since a year ago they accepted a 600,000 estimate which the vast majority of right wing bloggers, pundits and politicians rejected out of hand.

Just Foreign Policy Iraqi Death Estimator

Click the link for an explanation and to get your own Iraqi War Dead Estimator.