Palin-Palooza Bamboozling Ya
By: Mark W Adams

Maha: The truth has a liberal bias.

The Rude One talks to conservatives: "You know who else says, 'I'm ready'? Spongebob, motherfucker, Sponge-fuckin'-bob Square-fuckin'-pants."

"Minimalized" Ezra: A politician interested in becoming a world leader should have an interest in, you know, politics and, er . . . the world.

Sully: McCain's shallow campaign exposes the thinly disguised cheerleading of otherwise "serious" pundits.

Oliver Willis: McCain battle's unemplopyment by hiring more lobbyists.

Tbogg hits a twofer: Does Caribou Barbie's homework for her by teaching John McCain how to use Teh Googles.

Marcy Wheeler put's her finger on it: Sarah Gonzales.

Steve Benen: Watch Barbara Walters catch McCain in another lie.